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How to own your own birth experience! | Doula | Doula Services | Doula Alqabalia

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How to own your birth experience!


Our physiology is in its optimum state when we are well hydrated, well nourished, well rested and agile. We should strive to be all of the above to the best of our ability for a healthy, holistic pregnancy, birthing and postnatal journey! 


It’s therefore essential that we also seek authentic and accurate information regarding childbirth and everything surrounding it; preceding and succeeding it.

I can help you and support you with …. 

Acquiring evidence and valid statistics for the questions and preferences/requirements you have and then coming up with a birth plan with the intention of sharing it with EVERYONE in your space to acknowledge, accept and follow!


Pregnancy (usually for all but could be only for some) brings VULNERABILITY! Therefore gentle boundaries which can be adjusted and repaired can help with your own design of security. Once you feel secure in yourself, armed with evidence and stats, it will become naturally easier to VOICE yourself and make others aware of your boundaries.

I can support you with this! 

There is nothing wrong with saying NO or YES - Being your own authority over your OWN body and your OWN decisions which ultimately affect you and your offspring’s wellbeing. Remember that you are NOT a “PATIENT”.

I can support you with this! 

Investing in a Doula | Birth Keeper can offer you the extra support and strength that you need. In moments of blur, they can help to shed light. At times of natural introversion when you are internalising your strength, a doula can be your voice of reason and the structure of support to your plan. A doula can question and challenge the obstacles faced by proposed threats of interventions (often unnecessarily).

I can support you with ….

Sustaining healthy communication with your parental partner, loved ones and/or birthing partner. Preserving the developments and movements of the journey, from conception to postnatal, as much as you can.

Top tip: Consider journaling as a record/reference of reflection - this account might just prove to be invaluable!


Most importantly, ENJOY the whole experience and process as much as you can. Follow your raw, natural INSTINCT (Fitrah) and let it simply ‘be’. You’d be surprised how much of a connection can be achieved with your baby by simply keeping things simple, following your instinct and tuning into your and your baby’s needs.


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