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New products released!
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Sidr Leaf Powder | Yemeni Sidr Leaf Powder | Sidr Powder
Sunnah Shifa

Sidr Leaf Powder | Yemeni Sidr Leaf Powder | Sidr Powder

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This Sidr Leaf Powder is ground Yemeni Sidr Leaves, which is more convenient for everyday use and blending into other products, as an ingredient.  

The Sidrat al-Muntaha (also known as the Lote Tree) that marks the end of the seventh heaven, which the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ passed by during Isra and Mi’raj, is mentioned in the Qu’ran.

Sidr leaf power is used in many of our other products due to its benefits to skin, hair and as a key ingredient in ruqyah products to be used as part of a self ruqyah programme/treatment. 

Sidr is also mentioned in the Sunnah as being used to wash the dead body for Janazah:

Narrated Ibn `Abbas: “A man fell from his Mount and died while he was with the Prophet (ﷺ) at `Arafat. The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Wash him with water and Sidr and shroud him in two pieces of cloth and neither perfume him nor cover his head, for he will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection saying, ‘Labbaik’.”

(Bukhari 1268)


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