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New products released!
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Ruqyah Water | Ruqyah
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Ruqyah Water | Ruqyah

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100ml distilled water that has had The Quran recited over it - Ruqyah - spiritual water

With added Sidr leaves ~ used in the treatment of sihr (magic)

The spiritual water may help provide relief from:

• Evil eye (Ayn)
• Black Magic (Sihr)
• Jinn affliction
• Negative aspects in life

Can be used in bathing, drinking and cooking. The bottle can be topped up just before the water finishes, so that the water remains Ruqyah water; providing an infinite supply in shaa Allah.

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Ruqyah bath: Fill a bath or large container with water (which you will bathe in). Take some Ruqyah water (can be a small amount from this bottle of water which has had Ruqyah read on it), and pour it into the bath water. Then perform a bath/wash - as you usually would but making sure that ALL the body is covered with the water. A ghusl could also be performed. A soap could be used but only one which contains sunnah ingredients such as; black seed soap. There are some packets which have sidr leaves etc and Sunnah Shifa can provide these or information regarding where to find.

DISCLAIMER: The above information should not be used as a substitute for professional medical care & it is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information provided is for your assistance only.