New products released!
New products released!
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Ruqyah Bundle | Self Ruqyah | Ruqyah
Sunnah Shifa

Ruqyah Bundle | Self Ruqyah | Ruqyah

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Self Ruqya Products

A selection of six items useful for the treatment of Sihr and other symptoms of affliction - hasad (envy) and/or Ayn (evil eye)

🌿 30ml Ruqyah Oil 

🌿 1 × Ruqyah Soap

🌿 3ml Black Musk 

🌿 100ml Ruqyah Detox Tonic 

🌿 1 × pack of 30 vegetarian capsules containing ground Blackseed, Qust Al Bahri powder & Ajwa Date seed powder

🌿 15ml Qust Al Hindi nasal drops - Qust Al Hindi in Cold-pressed Olive Oil

🌿 5g dried Sidr leaves (**please take care when using sidr leaves as there are occasional thorns amongst the leaves)

For further advice on how to use the products or ruqyah support, kindly contact us directly via the contact method on the website.


Disclaimer: these are handmade products by Sunnah Shifa and not designed in any way to cure any disease etc. Always seek advise from a healthcare professional and when using skincare products, it's always best to carry out a skin patch test prior to use.